This workshop focuses on developing the tools needed to get from fieldwork to actionable insights and testable prototypes. Using field data from participants’ own work, these sessions break down the process into three main phases: understand, frame, and create.

Why THIS Analysis Workshop?

Humans inherently think in metaphors and learn through stories. This workshop leverages those natural tendencies we all have by taking a metaphoric approach to Human Centered Design. In each session you will take on a series of three different mindsets (e.g., detective, inventor, architect, etc.) to help you interpret and evolve your data.

This process will help you internalize and embody the analysis process so that it is both memorable and traceable, using mindsets as a mnemonic device . That way, you can  easily recall and defend your work by tracing the steps you took to get to your results. For each mindset, you will learn the key activities, the most useful skillsets to achieve success, the bodies of data to include at that phase, important considerations, the most effective timing, the ideal modes of collaboration, and common pitfalls to avoid. Along the way you will develop skills in shifting perspective, adjusting the scope and scale of your challenges, developing new appreciation for other viewpoints, improving collaboration, and boosting your critical thinking.

The workshop is led by seasoned applied anthropologist Jay Hasbrouck, author of the book Ethnographic Thinking: From Method to Mindset, in conjunction with a staff of highly experienced research professionals.

Who Should Attend?

Depending on skill level and experience, we recommend that most teams interested in this workshop first participate in our Ethnographic Thinking workshop to develop the core personal attributes of ethnographic thinking (see: I. Ethnographic Thinking Workshop). Beyond that, this workshop is best for teams who have gathered a set of qualitative data that they need to effectively analyze and interpret to generate value.

What’s the Schedule?

This workshop consists of three main sessions each of which is broken into sub-sessions that concentrate on developing and applying different mindsets. Duration, timing, and content is tailored to the specific needs of each team.


Intro: Mining for Meaning and Making the Most of Your Data

A. Describe like a Screenwriter: Downloading Data
B. Interpret like a Detective: Identifying Patterns
C. Discover like an Archaeologist: Discovering Themes

Share-out, Challenges, Reflections


Intro: Providing Perspective and Developing Substantiated Positions

A. Argue like an Attorney: Developing Insights
B. Situate like a Scientist: Creating Frameworks
A. Delineate like an Architect: Forming Principles

Share-out, Challenges, Reflections


Intro: Setting Parameters and Formulating Guidelines for Creative Outputs

A. Fantasize like an Inventor: Identifying Opportunity Areas
B. Go Wild like a Child: Generating Ideas that Fulfill Principles
C. Shape like a Sculptor: Creating Prototypes

Share-out, Challenges, Reflections

What are the Details?

Pricing is per seat and varies depending on location, venue, and other factors. Feel free to get in touch with any questions by using our contact form.

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